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Running your own node provides various benefits, opens up new possibilities, and helps support the ecosystem. This page will guide you on how to start your own node and participate in transaction validation.


Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements vary depending on the type of node but are generally not very high. Here are the recommended configurations:

  1. Machine Configuration MAP is a proof-of-stake network, which has different hardware requirements compared to proof-of-work networks. Proof-of-stake consensus is less demanding on CPUs but more sensitive to network connectivity and latency. Here is a standard requirement list for running a validator on the MAP network:

    • Memory: 16 GB RAM

    • CPU: Quad-core 2.5 GHz (64-bit)

    • Disk: 256 GB SSD storage space, plus a good secondary HDD

    • Network: At least 100 MB input/output Ethernet, preferably with redundant connections and HA switches

  2. MAP Quantity Your account needs to have at least 1,000,000 MAP.

Operating System Requirements

Atlas client supports mainstream operating systems - Linux, MacOS, Windows. This means you can run the node on a regular desktop or server and install the operating system that suits you best on these devices. To avoid potential issues and security vulnerabilities, make sure your operating system is up to date.

Software Requirements

Building Atlas requires git, Go (version 1.14 or higher), and a C compiler.

Clone the Code Repository and Build

git clone
cd atlas
git checkout v1.1.5
make atlas

Running the Node

Run atlas -h to get help information.

Running a Mainnet Node

atlas --datadir ./node console

Running a Single-Node Network

A single-node network is used for testing and development purposes. It does not sync with any other network and does not store any data.

To run a single-node network, run the following command:

atlas --datadir ./node --single console

If you add the --http flag in the command, it will enable the RPC server, and then you can access RPC via

atlas --datadir ./node --single --http --http.addr "" --http.port 7445 console

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