In order for a software application to interact with the MAPO-Relay-Chain blockchain (by reading blockchain data or sending transactions to the network), it must connect to MAPO-Relay-Chain nodes or its provided public network.

The following MAPO-Relay-Chain is collectively referred to as MAPO.

JSON-RPC (JavaScript Object Notation Remote Procedure Call) is a lightweight remote procedure call (RPC) protocol that utilizes JSON as the data exchange format. JSON-RPC enables cross-network communication between clients and servers for invoking remote services or methods, similar to traditional RPC protocols, but with data transmission in JSON format.

The key features of JSON-RPC include:

  • Lightweight: JSON-RPC uses JSON, a lightweight data exchange format that is easy to parse and generate.

  • Language-agnostic: JSON-RPC is not tied to a specific programming language or platform, enabling communication between different programming languages.

  • Transport Protocol Flexibility: JSON-RPC can operate over various transport protocols, with the most common being HTTP for communication but also capable of using other protocols such as WebSocket.

  • Simplicity: The JSON-RPC protocol specification is relatively simple and straightforward to implement.

JSON-RPC requests typically consist of the following parts:

  • Method Name (Method): The name of the remote method or function to be invoked.

  • Parameters (Params): The parameters passed to the remote method, often an array or an object.

  • ID (Identifier): A unique identifier used to associate requests and match responses, usually an integer or a string.

  • JSON-RPC responses contain the following components:

  • Result (Result): The result of the remote method's execution, often an array or an object.

  • Error (Error): If an error occurs, this part contains an object with error information.

  • ID (Identifier): Corresponding to the ID in the request, used to match responses with requests.

JSON-RPC is widely used in building distributed systems, web services, blockchain node communication, and other scenarios due to its lightweight and language-agnostic nature, allowing applications in different platforms and languages to communicate with each other. Some well-known blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, also use JSON-RPC as a means of communication with client applications.

atlas rpc

MAPO provides a JSON-RPC API that is compatible with Ethereum's API. For specific details about this API, please refer this

atlas consensus rpc

MAPO also provides a set of consensus-related APIs. For specific details about these APIs, please refer this

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